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In the framework of the project, each partner will conduct desk-based and fled-based research in order to complete a national report on the state-of-the-art in their country, focusing on the following thematic categories:

  • Local context in terms of the educational system
  • Local context in terms of career planning and career guidance
  • Key skill areas that need to be addressed in the proposed career planning curriculum
  • Key skill levels that are appropriate for each of the distinct student age groups
  • Existing resources that could be used or re-designed for use in the new career planning scenario
  • Appropriate media formats and environments for engaging students at the different age groups
  • Assessment framework to facilitate the measurement of attainment at all levels
  • Pedagogical supports for the induction of teachers and existing guidance experts into the new career planning subject arena
  • Supports for the initial and continuous professional development of teachers addressing the integration of the tools currently available and the new tools to be developed

A Summary research report compiling findings form the national research reports will also be prepared. All the national report, the Summary report and its translation into the partner languages will be made available here.