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Objectives Target Groups for SELFIE

The rationale behind the SELFIE project is based on the belief that we now need to consider career planning as a subject instead of career guidance as a service; a subject with curriculum resources at different levels, with required learning outcomes and an assessment framework to measure attainment. In career planning students should be taught:
(A)     How to research the marketplace and identify potential career opportunities;
(B)     How to evaluate options using appropriate decision making processes and criteria;
(C)     How to assess their own strengths and weaknesses;
(D)     How to present themselves in the most beneficial way to academia or to potential employers.

Given the predilection of young people today for social media there is a need to employ these new technologies to help students begin the process of building sustainable networks and to help them gain experience in research, experimentation, problem-based learning and other forms of creative work.

The SELFIE project will develop a career planning subject framework incorporating introductory, intermediate and advanced levels that helps students to develop the necessary skills to enable them to construct their own self-portrait and career progression pathway and update it as required throughout their working life.

The SELFIE project will also try to ensure that all students who leave formal education have been supported to develop the necessary skill sets to enable them plan and adjust their career pathway to coincide with the different stages of their life and to respond to the demands of the marketplace.