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SELFIE will develop, test and pilot the following resources:

1.  A curriculum development and assessment framework that incorporates introductory, intermediate and advanced levels informed by research that outlines the modules to be developed, the scope of each module and an outline of how levels of attainment of students in the new career planning subject area should be examined and measured;

2.  A learning outcome matrix that sets out the learning outcomes to be achieved for each module and at each level;

3.  A suite of curriculum resources for each level and for each module identified;

4.  A suite of assessment tools to measure student attainment;

5.  A comprehensive induction program for teachers that supports them to teach career planning and to facilitate the learning of students in non-traditional technology based learning environments.


Both primary and secondary target group members will be invited to attend the dissemination seminars, where the induction training course-ware will be presented. Partners will also host SELFIE Workshops, where students will be able to sample and test the new career planning materials developed. Each partner will draft case studies, 1 teacher and 1 student case study per partner organisation, that recount the experience of these target group members with the new resources developed and these case studies will be published in the project summary which will be produced during the final stages of the project.