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The rationale behind the SELFIE project is based on the belief that we now need to consider career planning as a subject instead of career guidance as a service; a subject with curriculum resources at different levels, with required learning outcomes and an assessment framework to measure attainment. In career planning students should be taught:
(A)     How to research the marketplace and identify potential career opportunities;
(B)     How to evaluate options using appropriate decision making processes and criteria;
(C)     How to assess their own strengths and weaknesses;
(D)     How to present themselves in the most beneficial way to academia or to potential employers.


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SELFIE will develop, test and pilot the following resources:

1.  A curriculum development and assessment framework that incorporates introductory, intermediate and advanced levels informed by research that outlines the modules to be developed, the scope of each module and an outline of how levels of attainment of students in the new career planning subject area should be examined and measured;

2.  A learning outcome matrix that sets out the learning outcomes to be achieved for each module and at each level;

3.  A suite of curriculum resources for each level and for each module identified;

4.  A suite of assessment tools to measure student attainment;

5.  A comprehensive induction program for teachers that supports them to teach career planning and to facilitate the learning of students in non-traditional technology based learning environments.


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Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (LMETB)

Center for Advancement of Research and Development in Education Technology (CARDET)

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